What We Do

We understand community need. We strategically match spaces and organizations. We manage shared spaces. We understand the challenges Mission-Driven Organizations Face.

What We Do

We Understand Community Need.
Through market feasibility studies and comprehensive engagement, Denver Shared Spaces and Radian work with communities to identify unmet needs and service gaps. We accomplish community needs assessments through ongoing communications with community leaders and members, facilitate targeted focus groups, and engage youth.

We Strategically Match Spaces and Organizations to Meet Community Need.
We engage our extensive network of nonprofit service providers, social enterprises and community-oriented businesses to identify strategic operation locations, based on the nexus of community need and organization mission. Where possible, we co-locate complementary uses in shared spaces to maximize community impact.

We Manage Shared Space.
We have experience working with and consulting more than twenty mission-oriented shared spaces in the Denver Metro Area. Based on our experience with best practices of space management, we are working with commercial building owners, developers, nonprofits and government entities to provide affordable real estate spaces that facilitate collaboration between complementary organizations. We take care of property management and community activation activities for the organization members so that they can focus on serving their mission.

We Understand the Challenges Mission-Driven Organizations Face Finding Space in the Denver Commercial Real Estate Market.
We engage with mission-driven organizations to understand their space needs and challenges, serving as an insight hub. We publish reports to share this knowledge with the Denver real estate community such as the 2015 Nonprofit Space Survey.

Need a space to meet longer-term needs?

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