Radian is a non-profit architecture and urban design group that serves community advocates through a people-centered approach in the pursuit of social equity.


We are passionate not only about designing vibrant spaces but about implementing a new way of design that promotes empowerment and inclusivity among communities.

Community Advocates

We are no ordinary architecture and urban design firm.  We are architects, landscape architects, and urban designers who focus on increasing social equity within our communities by working with residents and local stakeholders to carry out their neighborhood visions. As a community design center, Radian provides avenues for individuals, organizations, and changemakers to take an active role in creating healthier, sustainable, and more equitable communities. As community advocates, we take time to listen to and understand the specific needs of groups that are often overlooked so we can better recognize and confront the barriers that keep these communities from flourishing.

Change Agents

We believe the built environment directly impacts the effectiveness and health of the communities and its residents. We also recognize that addressing issues of inequity among pre-existing environments is the first step in creating sustainable solutions to systemic barriers. That is why we passionately promote active community participation in the design process. In order to design environments that promote healthy communities, we believe it is imperative to amplify the voices of underserved neighborhoods and focus on the need. When something isn’t working, we don’t ignore the problem or minimize the effects to the community. Instead, we are the ones who will roll up our sleeves and say, “Let’s do it better together.”

Outcomes over Profit

Unlike other architecture and design firms, we are driven by outcomes – not by profits. We are designers who create with the community, rather than for the community. Our projects are all custom-built because we believe there is no “one size fits all” solution for every neighborhood. Amidst an ever-changing cityscape, we look to ensure that no one gets left behind and that individuals have better access to healthy food, affordable housing, equitable transportation, and community resources. We are passionate about connecting the community to spaces that allow them to thrive.

Collaborative Designers

We are the only non-profit (501c3) architecture and urban design group in Colorado, bridging the gap between neighborhood-based projects and the development community by acting as a resource that serves all sectors, including private organizations, government/municipalities, community, and nonprofit groups. We focus on urban and rural development to enhance the health, sustainability, and quality of our communities.

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Address: 3264 Larimer Street, Suite D, Denver, CO 80205 | Email: admin@radianinc.org