Radian is a non-profit architecture and urban design firm that focuses on how people occupy space by introducing creative solutions to systemic barriers impeding the growth and flourishing of local communities.

We are a team of creatives who envision communities in which healthier people and healthier neighborhoods are not just a dream, but a reality. And we use creative design as a tool to accomplish just that.

By making creative architecture and design accessible to underserved communities, we create an avenue for change and growth that transcends the structures we build and results in a more holistic community fabric.

We accomplish this through a variety of methods.

We identify unmet community needs and bridge service gaps through creative placemaking.

Radian works with communities to help identify unmet needs as well as gaps in services provided. We conduct community needs assessments through our ongoing communications with community leaders and members, targeted focus group facilitations, and youth engagement programs.  We translate these needs through creative planning and community-based design. Each project varies in scale, from master planning of communities down to small micro-spaces.

We connect organizations to spaces that increase community benefit within developments.

Our Community Spaces program focuses uniquely on being connected to an extensive network of nonprofits, social enterprises, and community-oriented businesses. By having the pulse on this network, we are able to more quickly identify strategic spaces that align with specific community needs and organizational missions. We advocate and facilitate shared co-working spaces for like-minded organizations in order to maximize community impact. We understand the challenges of finding community space in Denver’s ever-evolving market. Sometimes organizations need the benefits of a shared, communal space without the added responsibilities of managing that space. That’s where we come in. We work with commercial building owners, developers, nonprofits, and government entities in order to provide affordable real estate spaces with the intention of facilitating collaboration between complementary organizations.

We re-imagine your space to reflect your organization’s mission.

In addition to envisioning and designing new spaces, we also have a team of creative architects and designers who are passionate about redesigning existing spaces to better meet your organizational needs. The first step in this process is surveying members of your team to ensure that the design best reflects the culture of your organization. Next, we create a design package for your group that you can use to launch capital campaigns or acquire other funding that contributes to your team’s future vision.

Ultimately, we are an approachable and enthusiastic team of creatives who are passionate about bringing innovative design to local communities in order to combat systemic barriers and bring neighborhoods closer together. We believe that purposeful design and intentional community planning sets the foundation for deeper and more socially equitable community engagement while opening up unrealized opportunities for the neighborhoods we work alongside.

Community Centered Design


Connect with us:

Address: 3264 Larimer Street, Suite D, Denver, CO 80205 | Email: admin@radianinc.org