There is a new neighbor you should get to know if you live or work in the Taxi community. They are known as Tack Mobile and their fresh take on drawing talent has evolved into one of Denver’s premier collaborative workspaces.

This growing mobile software company needed more room and wanted to create a space that was flexible and valuable. You may ask, “Valuable? How so?” But they understood that inviting the right type of talent could promote ideas that add tremendous value to their company. Even their creative director, Juan Sanchez, expressed how much their employees enjoyed collaborating with other organizations and how it pushed them to improve further. With this in mind, they have created a shared workspace that stays true to the same collaborative spirit as their community.

It’s name… Assembly.

Assembly’s success is mainly due to the strong feeling of ownership each tenant organization has for their space. There’s a sense of teamwork between tenants because they sincerely feel like a community. A fun example is the Waffle Wednesday tradition that Tack Mobile shares with the entire Assembly team. It is that type of creativity that creates a feeling of involvement. But none of this would be possible without the hard work of Leilani Rose. As space animator, Leilani runs the day-to-day operations at Assembly and finds new ways to keep her team engaged. She loves her Assembly family and she definitely lets it show.

Learn more about the value of collaborating during their discussion for Creative Mornings.  If you are interested in getting to know Assembly, I recommend you visit the next one at TAXI on July 10th.

Click here for tickets to the next Creative Mornings discussion at the TAXI Events space.