Radian, in partnership with Colorado Village Collaborative and Whiting-Turner Contracting, have secured a permit to expand phase two of the Beloved Community Village (the Village) located in the Globeville neighborhood of Denver. Eight new units will be constructed to serve as transitional housing for between eight and sixteen people who are currently experiencing homelessness. 

In response to Denver’s housing crisis, Radian partnered with the Colorado Village Collaborative in July 2017 to create and scale creative approaches to housing vulnerable members. The Village is a tiny home village for people experiencing homelessness, and has been proven successful as a viable mechanism for housing people as a transition to permanent affordable housing. The Village today consists of eleven (8’x15’) units, a shared bathing units (2 showers, 2 hand sinks, and 2 toilets), and a community space that supports fifteen residents.

Radian designed the eight new units that will be move-in ready for residents before 2020. The design has been completed in collaboration with Whiting-Turner Contracting, and the plans have been enhanced to accommodate for increased storage and work spaces. 

In the first two years, the Beloved Community Village has utilized 11 units to serve 21 unique individuals, 7 of whom have now graduated into stable housing. Of the expansion, Cole Chandler, Director of the Colorado Village Collaborative said, “These new units will be put to use to immediately provide safety, dignity and community to our neighbors who would otherwise be spending their winter on the streets. We’re thrilled to be able to add 8 more homes and expand the impact of the Beloved Community Village in 2020 and beyond.”