In response to Denver’s housing crisis, Radian partnered with the Colorado Village Collaborative to move forward and scale creative approaches to housing vulnerable members of our community.  Beloved Community Village, a tiny home village for people experiencing homelessness, is a viable mechanism that was implemented in July 2017 to house people in a temporary and transitional way so that they can take that next step towards permanent affordable housing.  The village consists of 11 (8’x15’) units, a shared bathing units (2 showers, 2 hand sinks, and 2 toilets), and a community space that helps support 15 residents.

One year later, three people transitioned into permanent housing and the village unemployment rates went from 25% to 0%

“By all accounts, the Beloved Community Tiny Home Village is widely considered a fully-functioning and productive community.”

The video below gives you a glimpse into Denver’s housing & homelessness policies, and how we plan to scale the tiny home movement in the future:


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