Who We Are

Denver Shared Spaces (DSS) is a program under Radian | Placematters that uses shared spaces as a tool to creatively and strategically connect community-oriented businesses, social enterprises and nonprofits with one another in affordable commercial space to meet the needs of the residents of the Denver Metro Area.  DSS partners with commercial building owners, developers, nonprofits and government entities to create, manage and improve mission-driven shared spaces in Metro Denver.

Since 2009, DSS has served a programmatic mission of connecting real estate and social impact under the Urban Land Conservancy (ULC), with support from the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships (DOSP). In January 2017, ULC and DOSP selected Radian, Inc., a nonprofit design center providing services to community-based initiatives to manage the DSS program. Radian, Inc. advocates for a city in which community engagement and empowerment is centered at the heart of the design and planning process.

Strategic Partners