Thanksgiving is upon us and to kick-off the season of gratitude and reflection, I want to share a bit of thanks to the public and nonprofit partners that make Denver Shared Spaces a reality. First, a brief history lesson in Denver Shared Spaces–The Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships, Piton Foundation, and Urban Land Conservancy came together to develop a project to support nonprofits in the creation of shared space opportunities, and making greater expertise in real estate related issues more readily available to the nonprofit sector. Through ongoing support of so many partners, especially The Urban Land Conservancy and The Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships, Denver Shared Spaces, now in its adolescence is blossoming into new horizons–similar to a teen picking where he or she will attend college. Denver Shared Spaces is moving on to the next stage in its valuable life cycle officially starting in early 2017. While it will have its key partners invested in its sustainability and utilizing Denver Share Space’s value creation for the foreseeable future, I want to take this moment to reflect back on the partnership with The Urban Land Conservancy and DOSP and give thanks for what, together, the program has been able to leverage as opportunity and strategy around the promotion, support and continual growth of shared space in the City and County of Denver.

Thank you ULC for your advisory support and ability to believe in what DSS is and could be for the City and County of Denver. It is a pleasure to continue to work with valuable thought, policy and socially conscious developers day in and day out. We are excited for the future and to further support the shared spaces that ULC props up in the community by providing consultation and systems support to ULC’s Asset Team.

Thank you Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships for harvesting this bright idea years ago and leveraging the work of Denver Shared Spaces throughout the City and County of Denver through partner relations, staffing support and strategic development of the program. Thank you for believing in Denver Shared Spaces potential and the myriad ways in which we could grow. Denver Shared Spaces looks forward to continuing to inform policy initiatives that impact the growth and development of shared spaces in the City and County of Denver.

Denver Shared Spaces is keeping a partnership intact while also embarking on new horizons with a new fiscal agent. In this time of transition, excitement and curiosity about the future of Denver Shared Spaces, we take a moment to give thanks to our beginnings.