Denver, CO (February 9, 2017) – Denver Shared Spaces (DSS) announces that it has a new home under Radian, Inc., a non-profit design center providing services to community-based initiatives. DSS is on the leading edge of the national trend toward intentional, shared workspace. As an innovative collaborative dedicated to providing technical assistance and targeted support to the Denver shared space community, DSS is not just connecting organizations with shared space resources, but also influencing policy within city government. Since 2009, DSS has served a programmatic mission of connecting real estate and social impact under the Urban Land Conservancy, with support from the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships (DOSP).

Denver Shared Spaces works with commercial building owners and a range of nonprofit and government entities to help them create, lease up, manage, and improve mission-driven shared spaces. In the past four years, they have supported 28 shared spaces representing more than 350 nonprofits, government agencies and mission-driven businesses.

Radian, Inc. advocates for a city in which community engagement and empowerment is centered at the heart of the design and planning process. As a community design center, Radian, Inc. provides guidance for individuals, organizations and neighborhoods to actively participate in creating healthier, sustainable and more equitable communities. They believe the built environment has a significant and direct impact on the effectiveness of those communities, and their role as both a design resource and active community member amplifies the voices of under-served neighborhoods by promoting active community participation in the architectural design process.

“Through this new partnership, the Radian and DSS team will serve as the most knowledgeable resource in the Denver Metro Area,” says Megan Yonke, program manager for Denver Shared Spaces. “We will continue working with community-serving organizations to construct the spaces necessary to meet community needs.” “Governance structures of DSS and Radian will remain intact in 2017,” states Tim Reinen, Executive Director of Radian, Inc. “DSS will continue to operate with the support and leadership of its volunteer committees, and as a 501c3, Radian will continue to work with its existing board of directors.” With over a dozen projects on the boards, Radian, Inc. continues to advocate for the community and deliver impactful design. For more information, please visit: and