Denver Shared Spaces is excited to co-host the new a brand new two-day training opportunity with our partners at The Nonprofit Centers Network.

The Denver Leadership Institute on Shared Space on October 8th and 9th will bring teams from municipalities across the US and Canada to focus on developing collaborative public/private partnerships that foster a vibrant community of innovative shared space centers.

Building on the model and momentum around this movement here in Denver, this is a great opportunity for leaders in the public, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors to learn specific strategies around replication in their own cities or regions.

The training will:

  • Showcase best practices gleaned from 35 shared space centers that have developed in Metro Denver over the last 10 years.
  • Provide an interactive team learning approach for public officials, nonprofit practitioners and representatives from philanthropy.  The training will conclude with a pitch session where each team will present their ideas for their community to a panel of experts for high-level feedback.
  • Information on the nuts and bolts of
    • Creating, defining and measuring collaboration
    • Establishing a peer-to-peer learning community
    • Governance models
    • Financial models
    • Partner selection

We are very proud of the reputation Denver has earned for its commitment to collaboration and shared space.  Over the last five years Denver Shared Spaces has been able to leverage a $250,000 investment into a thriving community of over 35 mission-driven and for-profit centers.  Together they are driving economic development in their neighborhoods, delivering one-stop services for residents, and creating hubs of activity with spill-over effects on neighborhoods and properties surrounding them.  If you think this is an opportunity your city or region should take advantage of, click here to learn more or follow this link to register.


Denver Leadership Institute Brochure