Nonprofits, for-profits, and government agencies who run co-working spaces only get so far in successfully and efficiently managing their centers. Would you want to re-create the wheel with every policy and structure put in place? We didn’t think so.
This week Denver Shared Spaces (DSS) heads south to New Orleans to train 10 existing centers alongside our esteemed colleagues at the Nonprofit Centers Network. This 1 day training will equip participants with skills to improve their center’s functioning, providing meaningful tools and beginning to create networks to better connect shared spaces and resources in the southeast.
Why is this important? The growing movement of shared space as a real estate approach to both community and economic development is a national trend. Various regions are beginning to recognize the need to develop a strategy to use shared space models strategically rather than haphazardly. The benefits are astounding.
Participants in New Orleans will be part of an advanced training curriculum including operational best practices, business models, governance and evaluation. These shared space practitioners will focus on how to build collaboration within their own centers as well as create a local and regional infrastructure for centers to support one another.
Denver is a national leader in creating and maximizing shared spaces, and has been able to bring together a diverse set of cross-sector partners to identify where and how to integrate centers as the city undergoes incredible growth. DSS is at the table when new developments are being planned, neighborhoods are planned for revitalization, and in major projects along transit corridors. Once shared space centers are up and running through the technical assistance of DSS, they have the opportunity to become part of the Nonprofit Centers Network where resources are readily available to continue the growth and management of their centers.
Shared space is not simply a means of saving money on business expenses and operations. Please contact DSS to learn more about how to become part of Denver’s vibrant network of centers, let us show you how to be a changemaker.
Stay tuned for news from NOLA!
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