You’ve taken steps to make your shared space center more sustainable. Your common spaces are now equipped with recycling bins. You’ve taken the leap and added commercial composting to your waste management plan. You’ve even had a couple of Lunch N Learns to share with your members the benefits of these environmentally sustainable strategies.

And yet, people are still putting plastic spoons in the recycling bin, wrappers in the compost, and all kinds of food waste in the landfill.compost like a boss

Even with the best of intentions and a thorough on-boarding, it’s easy for people to slip up. A simple and effective way to make sure people get it right is to ensure that your signage is thorough and easy to understand. Not fool-proof, but it is a pretty simple way to help us all make the right choice. The Internet is full of free printables for recycling, compost, and landfill bins. However, if you’d like something that accurately depicts the rules in your municipality, maybe even something reflects to your center’s branding you could end up spending an inordinate amount of time copy/pasting clip art into your letterhead.

To save you a little time, one of our favorite examples of both effective messaging and lovely alignment with a center’s brand identity can be found above each of the Alliance Center’s trash, recycling, and compost bins. They have graciously shared the PDF version of each of their signs, available for download below.

Landfill Sign (PDF)

Compost Sign (PDF)

Garbology Poster (PDF)

Compost Like a Boss Poster (PDF)

At first glance, signage may seem like a relatively insignificant detail when it comes to managing a high-impact shared space or coworking center. Nonetheless, it can be your best tool in helping your members join in with your center’s sustainability goals. Let us know how you’ve encouraged members to recycle or compost in your building. Share your insights in the comments!