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Program Manager of Community Spaces, Radian|Placematters


Tim Reinen, Executive Director, Radian|Placematters


The Program Manager of Community Spaces will direct the vision and implementation of creating community beneficial spaces throughout the Denver region. He/she will manage the implementation of connecting between community-serving organizations and available real estate in the Denver Metro Area, but also promote the creation of new spaces. Major initiatives include managing design and implementation of equitable development plans, providing general matchmaking, and providing thought leadership by completing industry analysis.


Radian|Placematters is a nonprofit architecture and urban design group that focuses on community-based initiatives in underserved areas. The combined Radian|Placematters team believes that social-purpose real estate can mitigate residential and community resource displacement by building the capacity of existing neighborhoods, providing crucial services to existing residents, and sustaining/creating spaces for diverse communities.

Originally born in 2009 under the umbrella of Urban Land Conservancy and Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships (DOSP), “Denver Shared Spaces (DSS)” has focused on expanding opportunities for nonprofit organizations to be better connected to real estate and shared space models. In 2017, DSS took a step in a new and exciting direction by focusing on broad displacement pressures throughout the Denver Metro Area and how underserved residents, small businesses and nonprofit organizations were affected.  DSS identified an opportunity to direct its efforts on expanding social-purpose real estate opportunities to combat mounting displacement. The program was selected to be managed under Radian|Placematters and rebranded as ‘Community Spaces’.


  • Lead and develop Equitable Development Plans throughout the Denver metro region to promote more inclusive and responsible development
  • Develop relationships with community-oriented property owners and community-serving organizations. Serve as the best source for on-the-ground information on the space needs of these organization.
  • Strategically coordinate needs between community-serving organizations to support space sharing opportunities.
  • Analyze results of 2018 Organization Reality Check Survey and work with designers to design and publish  final report on results.
  • Advocate for policy change to support space needs of community-serving organizations.
  • Coordinate with other Radian|Placematters team members to execute community engagement activities to identify community needs and critical community-serving organizations to include in equitable development planning efforts.
  • Support execution of feasibility studies for new shared spaces in the Denver Metro Area.


The ideal candidate is:

  • A resident of the Denver Metro Area, who has in-depth knowledge of the local changing real estate landscape.
  • Skilled at setting and executing milestones, coordinating with other team members.
  • Has experience working with nonprofits and/or small businesses.
  • Has knowledge of real estate and urban planning fundamentals. (preference for experience in Urban Planning, Community work, or related design fields)
  • Has experience executing community engagement
  •  Graphics experience is a plus
  • Creative! Engagement is creative!


  • Commensurate with experience and passion.

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