The Mile High WorkShop is built upon the values of Growth, Responsibility, (Acting with) integrity, Community, and Excellence. Our core value, GRACE,Mile High Workshop shapes not only what we do, but why we do it. We have created a space that is inclusive and extends dignity through work and opportunity to members of our community who face the greatest barriers to jobs. Through a mix of contract manufacturing, warehousing, and small business partners, we provide employment and job training for people rebuilding from incarceration, addictions, and homelessness.

At the WorkShop, we envision a community of small businesses creating jobs and opportunities in our collaborative co-working shared space, as our motivated employees start down their road to recovery. In May 2015, we moved into our first home in Englewood where we initially partnered with a local furniture maker as well as a floral artist who could hire our employees a few days each week to help grow their business. We saw early success, as our labor force was able to complete simple tasks so the business owners could focus on scaling their businesses. For example, while our employees could measure, cut, sand, and finish tabletops, the owner could focus on marketing, design and sales.

With this early success, we saw an opportunity to extend this service to many more budding small businesses in Denver. We have quickly outgrown our space in Englewood, and will be moving to a new 50,000 square foot home in Aurora, where we will have access to 13,000 square feet and will be sharing the building with another incredible organization that shares our mission, BUD’S Warehouse.

Mile High Workshop 2To fill this space, we are developing a Social Enterprise Co-Working Incubator which will house small businesses seeking to combine profit with purpose. The WorkShop will be a community, where growing businesses will have access to an affordable workspace, as well as employees who are participating in our transitional job-training program. We take care of all utilities, paychecks, employment taxes and insurance, while our tenant partners have one flat rate that covers space and employment needs. This allows small business owners to focus on growing their business, which allows us to hire more program participants, and together we can create an innovative and sustainable model for providing hope and opportunity for an under-engaged population in Denver.

If you or somebody you know operates a socially conscious business (or would like to), please download and share our one-pager, highlighting the details of the Social Enterprise Co-Working Incubator Space. You can learn more about the Mile High WorkShop at You can also reach out to WorkShop Director, Andy Magel, at for more information.