Cultivation Center and DSS ComboWe are excited to announce that registration is now open for our newest one-day training.  In collaboration with the Boulder-based Cultivation Center, we will facilitate “Animating Shared Space: A Workshop for Managers” on May 15th at the Posner Center for International Development.  The curriculum will dig into the two dimensions of this critical role – Managing the Physical Space and Managing Relationships with Members. This training is interactive, engaging, and will provide shared space managers with concrete takeaways to try out at their centers.

This training experience builds off of the momentum generated by our Shared Space Managers Roundtable, in its inaugural year providing peer-to-peer learning for 10 shared space managers from across the region.  The Roundtable provides significant support and growth opportunities for those professionals working to ensure that their shared spaces run smoothly and make a positive impact on the wider community.  “Animating Shared Space: A Workshop for Managers” complements the peer-to-peer learning environment by providing more in-depth, facilitated training on issues identified by participants as areas where they need more support.

Registration is now open for all managers of shared spaces – for-profit or nonprofit.  We have limited participation to 10 people in order to make sure we have a productive learning environment.  For more information or to register, follow this link: