Let’s start with definitions.OrgStrategy


  1. An organized body of people with a particular purpose, especially a business, society, association, etc
  2. Action of organizing something


  1. Specified state of growth or advancement
  2. A new and refined product idea
  3. A change in circumstances

Considering these definitions we can say…

  • There is no escaping organizations (or the people in them).
    They are all around us.  Your job, government, the establishments where you go to grab a drink, buy your food, purchase clothing, contribute to your community, get fit, stay safe, get well and so on and so forth almost into infinity, are all organizations.  Within these organizations are people.  Many of the reasons for low productivity are social or personal in nature.  Compounding the problem is a resistance or a lack of awareness, desire, and skill set to effectively approach inter/ intrapersonal process.  Much of that is the mere fact that people simply haven’t been trained.  For some there may not be an incentive to work on collaborative relationships or effective partnerships because of negative past experiences or current social narratives that filter and limit present interactions.
  • Development is always an emerging theme.
    For the most part, things change.  When done right, we successfully adapt to these change and keep humming along.  Often times, however, change is hard. Organizationally speaking, change and development emerges with new initiatives, staff changes, illness, political and cultural shifts, policy changes, changes in revenue streams and a host of other factors destabilizing a once established status quo.   All of these can throw a tiny or large wrench into the forward motion of an organization.   There are ways to stay focused yet flexible in times of change.

Double Bottom Lines (the Strategy and the Players)
To that end, organizations need strengthening to keep up with evolving internal and external landscapes, which include the logistics and the people.  In broad terms, the research and practice focus for the field of Organization Development concerns itself with the creation and delivery of methods to effectively and efficiently work with the people and the tasks required for optimal organizational success.  We believe in efficiently thinking through strategy and effectively support our players.

What is it?
Organization Development is academically supported and practitioner focused to increase an organization’s capacity to be more productive while promoting work environments that are more rewarding, satisfying, and engaging places for employees to participate and contribute. We work towards efficient production and meaningful participation.

Why It Matters?
How are some work places vibrant communities that generate productivity, effective problem solving, and dedication while others create set ups for frustration, insubordination, and disengagement.  There are ways to achieve the former as well as transform the latter. We want to understand and facilitate achievement on both ends.

Organization Development is an interdisciplinary theory and application includes research and best practices from: business; communications; social work; education; industrial/ organizational psychology; and other fields focused on inputs, outputs, outcomes, impact, and that one thing we keep hearing…values.

Tell me more.
Organization development pairs logistical with social and personal “toolkits” to optimize organizational growth.  The often nebulous and at times aversive activities of strategic planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation when acted upon with attention to social and personal dynamics can ground organizations in a time of change and sustain successful efforts.

Stay Tuned.
This blog series will provide information and tools emerging from the organization development field.  We are excited to offer these best practices for how your manage your space.