Don’t Miss This Great Partnership Opportunity!

The Urban Land Conservancy has released a request for proposal for the master redevelopment of a 6.07-acre site located in northeast Denver, Colorado into a vibrant Transit Oriented Development (TOD). A planned mixed use development is being proposed for the two-city blocks to create a healthy, active, and well-designed mixed income, mixed use community at 48th and Race. ULC is anxious to identify partnerships from two key groups. First, The RFP is intended to solicit proposals from real estate developers with demonstrated capacity and relevant experience, who are interested in leading development activities and partnering with ULC to achieve all the desired mixed use, mixed income social impact outcomes and financial objectives outlined. Second, ULC is seeking proposals from a commercial partner (or partners) who are community serving anchor tenants, such as nonprofits. The Colorado Health Foundation is a primary ULC site acquisition investment partner and as such requires incorporation of a significant health benefit component in the future development. Community engagement feedback has revealed a medical clinic or other healthcare focused services and/or a fresh food retail sourcing/food resource center are the top two commercial uses desired by surrounding neighborhood residents. It should be noted that commercial space may not be available until 3 years from now, so any prospective commercial tenants should take that into consideration.


If you are a nonprofit leader committed to planning ahead for growth this is an incredible opportunity to get in on the ground floor in a transit-rich mixed use location. ULC, along with the selected development team, will be building up to 60,000 square feet of commercial space as part of the development, and are hoping to identify commercial partners very early in the process.  More information can be found in the application below.

The clock is ticking!  The deadline to submit your RFP is November 7th by 5pm. Click here to access the request for proposal for 48th & Race TOD.