Place Matters

PlaceMatters is a Denver based non-profit think tank for civic engagement and process in planning. Our work creates opportunities for informed, inclusive decision making in the planning of vibrant cities and communities.

Centrally located in Denver Colorado, PlaceMatters works all over the United States on improving public process, with new approaches, new technologies and with the goal of making civic engagement a more valuable component of the planning process for cities, municipalities, districts and regions. Many communities have experienced a more engaged and effective democracy as a result of our work.

Strategic Partners

Western Lands and Communities

Western Lands and Communities (WLC) focuses on shaping growth, sustaining cities, protecting resources, and empowering communities in the Intermountain West. It addresses these challenges through applied research, tool development, exploring policy linkages between land and related natural resources, and engagement of policy makers. Western Lands and Communities supports the development and application of planning tools for conservation priority setting, creating growth projections, and community visioning and scenario development. In partnership with PlaceMatters, WLC is facilitating a network of tool developers, users, and funders, focusing on the creation of open source products to expand access to these important tools. In 2012, the partnership produced a policy focus report on Opening Access to Scenario Planning Toolsavailable from the Lincoln Land Institute bookstore and the PlaceMatters Resource Page.

HUD/EPA/DOT Sustainable Communities Initiative

The National Sustainable Communities Learning Network connects a community of people working to develop more sustainable, prosperous and equitable communities and regions. Organizations that have received technical assistance or grants from the federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), are eligible to participate in the Learning Network and receive other capacity building services. PlaceMatters is one of 9 non-profits that received grants from U.S. HUD to provide capacity building support to Sustainable Communities grantees through their learning network. PlaceMatters provides specialized support in the areas of scenario planning, civic engagement, and long term capacity building for regional and community planning.

Walk Denver

In order to allow people to be pedestrians again we need to design streets and public spaces to the “human scale”. Creating places that are safe and fun to walk will soon result with people incorporating walking into their daily routine. In partnership with WalkDenver, PlaceMatters has received a Mile High Connects grant to develop an open-source, online data collection tool that will help inventory pedestrian conditions in neighborhoods.