Policy Bits ~ 3 Things to Know & Watch This Week
Nov 23 – 29, 2015
~ Karly Malpiede Andrus

 I.    Hickenlooper v. Coffman: AG asks Supreme Court to Block in Clean-Power Dispute Policy Bits Nov 23-29, 2015

  • The Environmental Protection Agency adopted a Clean Power Plan in August intended to cut carbon emissions by 32% by 2030. States were given flexibility in how to meet the goals. Governor Hickenlooper, a Democrat, supports the power plan and believes that Attorney General Coffman, a Republican, overstepped her boundaries when she joined 23 other states in suing the EPA over the clean power plan requirements. Now the Colorado Supreme Court has been asked to weigh in by Hickenlooper and Coffman. http://goo.gl/nGxJYz
  • This affects everyone in the state and possibly the political environment at the General Assembly. Although this is not the first time our Attorney General and Governor have pursued cross wise suits, the last time was under AG Ken Salazar and Governor Bill Owens regarding redistricting.

II.   Project Helping’ pairs People Struggling with Depression with Volunteer Jobs

  • Project Helping, https://projecthelping.org/ , is the first of its kind nonprofit in the Denver area and perhaps anywhere; focusing on the volunteers themselves as they seek to provide services to others in the community. Founder Justin Kruger spent his career in corporate America and struggled intensely with depression. By volunteering many find passion and support which combats depression and Project Helping aims make those connections. http://goo.gl/YNJztb
  • During the holidays and especially during fraught geopolitical times incidents of depression, anxiety, and stress increase. This is an innovative example of how personal wellness can be married with community wellness to make everyone a bit better off.

III.  Groundwork Greens Greenhouse Warming

  • Groundwork Greens is a social enterprise that grows and sells fresh produce in urban areas and provides job training in the meanwhile to their Green Team youth. They held a Greenhouse Warming event in September at their hydroponic greenhouse in Northwest Denver complete with a farmer’s market style brunch buffet to move the project from construction phase to implementation and operations. https://goo.gl/lhjUJL
  • Another great example of what can happen when dedicated folks identify a problem in their community and work with the private and public sector to affect positive change.