Policy Bits ~ 3 Things to Know & Watch This Week
June 20 – 26, 2016
~ Karly Malpiede AndrusPolicy Bit June 20-26, 2016


Glut of Colorado Ballot Initiatives Could Cause Problems Getting Any Passed in ‘16

  • There are a large number of ballot proposals proposed for this year’s state ballot and many local level issues will also appear on the ballot. Campaign experts say that “ballot fatigue” could be created by 10 or more proposals being up during the same election and could hurt many of the offerings simply because voters won’t have time to study each thoroughly and will be more likely to vote against them, especially those at the bottom of the ballot. The ballot process has also changed from a grass roots volunteered based system to an all professional signature gathering operation. Additionally, the increase in partisan gridlock coupled with the desire to turn out particular types of voters has resulted in more initiatives than ever being pursued. http://goo.gl/7BPhCA
  • This election year will be highly consequential with president, senate, and numerous down ballot races and initiatives. The outcome of these races will severely help of hinder advocacy of issues that many locals have prioritized.


Planners and Police Working Together to Create Livable and Safe Communities

  • Planners and urban designers seek to create spaces that are active and pedestrian-friendly; police want to encourage places that are safe for people to visit and use. Interestingly, many of the strategies to achieve these different groups’ goals overlap yet planning and policing staffs traditionally have not talked to one another. Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) deals with the design or re-design of an environment to reduce the opportunity for crime through natural mechanical, and/or procedural means. Some specialists list up to 10 elements, other believe in four key principles – natural surveillance, territorial reinforcement, natural access control and image and physical maintenance. http://goo.gl/v3U6Ar
  • Many local partners have benefited from or could benefit from this field of thought.


Coming Soon to France: Hundreds of Miles of Solar-Powered Roads

  • France plans to install 1,000 kilometers of solar panel roadways in the next five years. It’s an ambitious goal but not out of reach because the technology is read to go via a 7 millimeter thick photovoltaic panel called Wattway. These panels can glue onto existing road surfaces to draw sub power which providing enough grip for cars to drive over them. One kilometer is enough to power public lighting for a city of 5,000 people and 20 square meters of Wattway can power a single French home. This effort bests others because it can be easily installed on top of existing roads, sidestepping costly infrastructure rebuilding. http://goo.gl/iL0NXT


This tale form the field shows how innovated thinking and new resources can help achieve large scale changes in energy policy while making community development more accessible, achievable and sustainable.