Policy Bits Nov 9-15, 2015 I.   Real Estate Firm Offers Rent-Free Space for Denver Area Oil and Gas Companies

  • Boxer Property is offering up to 6,000 RSF in one of its Clock Tower Square buildings in Aurora to any oil and gas company based in the Denver area that has 10 employees until oil prices hit $60/barrel. Prices were $100+/barrel in 2014; they’ve been under $60 since July and analysts don’t foresee the average going above $50/barrel throughout 2016. Zachary Segal with August Investors, one of the Clock Tower’s owners said he hopes the offer of free space will save jobs as small energy companies weather the intense financial pressure. http://goo.gl/0WZIuC
  • These fluctuations affect everyone in the state and beg a few questions about Colorado’s budget constraints within this fiscal forecast as another Denver based Oil and Gas company (Escalera Resources) declared bankruptcy just last Friday. It also shows an industry wide community that is utilizing transit adjacent (R Line) real estate for collective economic benefit.

II.   The Global Impact Investing Network Report on Scaling Community Investing

  • The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and the Carsey School of Public Policy published Scaling US Community Investing: The Investor-Product Interface; a landscape study of the US Community Investing (USCI) field that seeks to encourage greater capital flows. Community investing, investment that seeks to deliver social benefits to low-income or marginalized communities while also generating a financial return, has a strong history in the US. http://goo.gl/gQXyY0
  • Colorado, the Denver region and many shared space partners have engaged in innovative resource development and community investing is key to that success. The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is a nonprofit dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing. They build critical infrastructure and support activities, education and research that helps accelerate the development of a coherent impact investing industry. Although we may forget these are new concepts for many and these tools are vital for articulating this for the general public.

III.  Best Beer City in the U.S.? Thank You CNN!

  1. Best beer city in the country? CNN’s Joel Williams “Cross Platform Producer” rates Denver #1! Citing the Great American Beer Festival (which generated more than $21M in economic impact & sells out in minutes), home brewing & brewery opening activity, brewing tradition & drinking venues in his reasoning. http://goo.gl/dTTAEA
  2. It’s nice to be recognized; plus Colorado ranks #1in the nation for concentration of brewery jobs in its total workforce and the industry creates $1B in economic impact. So, we can all be job creators one pint, six pack or growler at a time. Get out there and do your part to grow our economy.