The biggest, most pressing challenges we face in the world today all have one thing in common – they cannot be solved by one sector alone. The problems we face on a global scale and right here in our home communities will only be solved through integrated solutions that draw on expertise and knowledge from across seemingly disparate sectors. At the Posner Center for International Development, a shared space for 60 international organizations, we live this idea on a daily basis. Our organizations all work on “global poverty” but they work from a variety entry points and approaches, focusing on issues from primary education curriculum to water infrastructure development and working in over 100 different countries. The beauty of a shared space to call home is these groups constantly have the opportunity to collaborate across their sectors and geographies, drawing on the expertise of their neighbors and sharing their own, helping them to truly fulfill their missions and have impact in their work.


We live this philosophy on a daily basis at the Posner Center, but our annual Posner Poverty Hack offers a special opportunity to really see this mindset in action. This summer, July 10th-12th, we will host Posner Poverty Hack 2.0: A Hackathon for Global Poverty.  We’ve selected three real-world challenges faced by the people communities where our organizations work, that they cannot solve themselves. These are multilayered challenged that require specialized skill sets and technological aptitudes not readily available within the organization. Over the 2.5 day Poverty Hack, multi-disciplinary teams will work together to competitively group problem solve solutions to the three challenges. The winning team will receive prizes, and Posner Center will help them bring the solution to fruition. Check out last year’s winner here.

Join us to put your skills to good use in a a new field, and experience the energy and incredible ideas that get generated when people with diverse skills come together to draw on their individual strengths to collaboratively hack solutions to community problems. Learn more about the Poverty Hack, the participating organizations, the challenges they’ve presented, and they skills they’re looking for on the website. We hope to see you there!